Falls and Failures

I recently had a revelation, after coming back from my latest climbing trip, that the stories I told over and over to my friends and climbing buddies usually involved some degree of failure or at least had something unexpected happen.

As my friend put it, “well, it’s not interesting if you come back and say, “yeah, I climbed this” and “did that one”. We all enjoy stories when things go wrong and we live through it.

So, that’s the point of this blog. To tell the funny and interesting stories surrounding my climbing and personal life. Like the time I dropped a brand new climbing shoe from 500 feet up in Red Rocks, or my first big whipper on lead, or that time I’m pretty sure I got a back massage from a prostitute.

My hope is that through my honest story telling you realize that failure is a part of life and we shouldn’t be so quick to hide or make our selves look good because face it, we all screw up and have horrible things happen to us. Let’s share our stories and maybe we’ll see that everyone else is probably more like us than we realize.

If you have a funny climbing story or something you want to share, e-mail me at tonytheclimber@gmail.com or leave a comment and maybe I will post it for everyone to enjoy.

And keep climbing, because eventually, we all fall. And when we fall big, that’s when the story gets interesting.


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