For someone who has had a lot of adventures with Failure, like myself, it can be very discouraging. Today was one of those days where I woke up feeling pretty discouraged by recent events in my life. As I drove into work I decided to listen to one of my favorite bands in hopes of uplifting my downcast mood.

The song “Cannonball” by Five Iron Frenzy came on and it really gave me the encouragement I needed. Here are the lyrics to the bridge that really hit me.

And everyone will say it’s just an accident,
like some mishap or tragedy.
I think that failure has a purpose,
and I don’t believe it’s chance if I fall.
And I know if that I ever do fall,
he will catch me.
And if he ever lets me fall down,
for the good of those who believe him,
He will make me into a cannonball.

You see everytime I hear this song, especially those lyrics, I think about Mom. Her story would be tragic by most people’s accounts. At the age of 41, with a great marriage, 3 wonderful children, and everything in the world going for her, she was diagnosed with leukemia. After a hard fought battle with the disease, including a failed bone marrow transplant, she passed away, surrounded by those she loved most.

What makes her story hopeful, though, is the great Faith she had in Jesus and the love she showed to everyone that crossed her path. Even at the age of 14, I saw in her great strength and peace and the impact she had on those around her. She became a cannonball the day her spirit left her body, an unstoppable force of love and hope, which rolls on in the people she affected, even now 20 years later.

I don’t think about my mom as often as I probably should, but today was a great day to be reminded of her life and the legacy she left the world. It helped me break out of my funk and remember what is most important in life. I hope that when failure and tragedy strike me, and trust me it will, that I can face it with the grace, love and peace that she showed and that I too one day can be a cannonball.


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  1. anon says:

    Insightful! This type of impact seems to be bred thru small day-to-day decisions over the years. Keep living and loving!


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