Fingers, Lasers and Laughs

The other day I walked into Grand Haven Laser Tattoo Removal for my 12th session to remove my wedding band. One look at my finger and Margaret exclaimed “You are going to ruin my streak! I’ve never had to do more than 14 sessions.” I just laughed and thought “How does a simple three ring band on a finger take longer to remove than, let’s say, a full back dragon tattoo or maybe someone’s ill thoughtout fairy dancing on the head of a tasmanian devil who’s riding a dolphin?”

At this point in my life I can laugh about things like this because I’ve learned that maintaining a sense of humor is critical for keeping your sanity when going through really difficult times in your life. And these three little black lines on my left ring finger are a constant reminder of all the pain and hurt I’ve experienced the last couple of years.

You see this little tattoo was an out of character impulse when my wife suggested I do it after a family wedding ceremony up north. I had been wanting to do it for a long time, especially since I couldn’t wear my ring anymore due to rock climbing. In addition, this was just after we had renewed a commitment to our marriage following her affair that led us into counseling. Seemed appropriate at the time. Little did I know that just a few weeks after this she struck up a different affair lasting almost a year which ended with our separation and divorce.

Getting ink done
Getting ink done

Do I regret getting that tattoo? No, but I do wish someone would have suggested a silicone ring like many of my climbing friends are wearing these days? Maybe. But I digress. How can I not laugh at the fact that this $50 tattoo will cost me over $1000 to remove? You either laugh or get angry and depressed. Life’s too short to focus on these negative things. So you laugh and move on.

Day of tattoo versus many ink removal sessions later. Ouch!

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